Merchandise’s 2011 Star Trek Holiday Gift Guide

Makin’ a list & checkin’ it twice.

So here we are, another Thanksgiving over and the Christmas decorations already gathering their third month of dust down at the local department store, and you haven’t done any gift shopping, have you? (Before you head down to the comments, no, that popcorn tin you impulse-purchased at the grocery store for some coworker you ever barely talk to does not count).

Darn good thing, then, that is here to help you with at least one person on your list: The die-hard Star Trek fan.

… or multiple people on your list, if your social circle is extremely cool.

Let’s start at the top, with the most obvious sites, and work our way down, shall we?

Star Trek Official Store

So you want to get your friend/family member/coworker/dungeon master their own Starfleet uniform, but sizing is a pain and there are so many eras to choose from! What if you pick a Dominion War -era DS9 uniform when they’re looking for some Wrath of Khan cranberry duds? Plus, sizing can be a pain in the rear (literally). So make it easy for yourself and pick up a Star Trek Robe from the Official Store: comfortable, functional, and machine washable! Plus: “100% cotton velour.” Oh yeah.

Roddenberry Shop

Alright, you know the robe will be a hit, but let’s be honest: there actually IS one type of Starfleet uniform that everyone can get excited about… that everyone can wear, regardless of species, gender, or temporal orientation. And that uniform is ” THE SKANT. So pop on over to the Roddenberry Shop and purchase a pattern so your crafty Trekker pal can create their own skant(s)… which can be conveniently covered by the aforementioned robe.


Now that your gift givee is decked out in style, it’s time to get practical. The holidays are over and ain’t NOBODY gonna want to cook again until at least February. Normally, that would mean a lot of take-out, but maybe your friend doesn’t want to leave the house for some (not skant related) reason. That means pizza… and that means they’ll need the Enterprise Pizza Cutter.

To make that pizza meal even classier, you can add the Star Trek Bar Set from…

Entertainment Earth

The bar set isn’t enough, though, if you want your be-skanted friend to really scream “class,” you need to stop by the Fragrances page on Entertainment Earth and pick up some Shirtless Kirk cologne.

Imagine this person, sporting the skant and bathrobe; slicing a pizza with the saucer section of a Constitution-class starship before using a Bird-of-Prey to uncork their Two Buck Chuck; all with the aroma of “Cowboy Diplomacy” wafting past that Klingon Mr. Potato Head in the corner.

“Qapla'” indeed, baby.


Alright, that got a little heavy. This person might be a family member, I’m sorry. Let’s take things down a notch, relax with some tea… possibly in this “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot” mug. Complete with LCARS graphics and replicator imagery, it might not be screen accurate… but I doubt even Livingston would care. Just the thing to wrap up this list (and your shopping).

… oh, and those sites also sell other Star Trek stuff too. In case you don’t think the pattern for a skant would be right for EVERYONE on your list. For me, though… let’s just say I hope my family isn’t reading this week. Might ruin the surprise.

What Star Trek gifts are on your list this year? Tell us in the comments.


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