Star Trek: Picard Season 2 arrives on Blu-ray & DVD in October

The release will include all 10 season two episodes, plus an hour of special features.

Details on the Star Trek: Picard Season 2 home video release

The second season of Star Trek: Picard will beam down onto Blu-ray, DVD and a limited-edition Blu-ray Steelbook on October 4th.

The release, which is now available for pre-order on Amazon, will include all ten season two episodes along with an hour of bonus content, including featurettes on the USS Stargazer and an exploration of Picard’s chateau.

Scroll down for a full list of special features along with a video preview.

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episodes:

The ten-episode second season includes:

  • Episode 201: “The Star Gazer”
  • Episode 202: “Penance”
  • Episode 203: “Assimilation”
  • Episode 204: “Watcher”
  • Episode 205: “Fly Me to the Moon”
  • Episode 206: “Two of One”
  • Episode 207: “Monsters”
  • Episode 208: “Mercy”
  • Episode 209: “Hide and Seek”
  • Episode 210: “Farewell”

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Special Features:

  • THE USS STARGAZER – The featurette takes a deep dive into the creation of the USS Stargazer from conception to build out and features exclusive timelapse photography alongside Production Designer Dave Blass, who brought the original TNG art department onboard, including the famed Star Trek graphic artist Michael Okuda, and design artists Doug Drexler and John Eaves to recreate the latest USS Stargazer.

  • THE CHATEAU – Led by Production Designer Dave Blass and Prop Master Jeff Lombardi, the featurette explores the transition of Picard’s chateau following its redesign and conversion to the Dataverse in season one.

  • THE TRIAL IS OVER – The intimate, behind-the-scenes look connects fans with John de Lancie who reprises his role as Q, playing a significant part in the season two story arc.

  • REBUILDING THE BORG QUEEN – The featurette showcases actress Annie Wersching as she discusses stepping into the role of the Borg Queen. After 25 years, the iconic character returns through advanced design and production techniques, which are further discussed by Designer Neville Page, Prosthetics Master Vincent Van Dyke and Make-Up Department Head James MacKinnon.

  • PICARD PROPS – Property Master Jeff Lombardi takes fans on a tour that showcases the various props created for STAR TREK: PICARD – SEASON TWO.

  • PICARD PASSAGES – Alongside cast and crew, fans will follow the heroes from STAR TREK: PICARD through time and space as they encounter old and new friends, as well as challenges, in the latest season.




Blu-ray and DVD:

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Blu-ray (L) and DVD (R) | Credit: Paramount Home Entertainment

Limited edition Steelbook:

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Limited-Edition Blu-ray Steelbook | Credit: Paramount Home Entertainment

Pre-order info

The limited edition Blu-ray Steelbook, Blu-ray and DVD include the above special features, in addition to all ten of the second season episodes. All three formats will be available on October 4th and are now available to pre-order on Amazon.

Star Trek: Picard season two stars Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Michelle Hurd (Raffi Musiker), Alison Pill (Dr. Agnes Jurati), Evan Evagora (Elnor), Isa Briones (Dahj), Orla Brady (Laris), Santiago Cabrera (Cristóbal Rios) and Brent Spiner (Adam Soong), along with special guest stars Annie Wersching (Borg Queen), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan) and John de Lancie (Q). 

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