Perfect World’s Acquisition of Cryptic Studios Now Complete

Perfect World acquire Cryptic Studios

Today the producers of Star Trek Online, Cryptic Studios announced the completion of their acquisition by Perfect World Entertainment and separation from Atari.

Since announcing the deal was done in May, there’s been some question about what may be changing for players of the massive multiplayer online game. While those questions may not be completely answered, today’s announcement does shed some light on a few areas, including the transition from Atari Tokens to Cryptic Points, a revised privacy policy and the swapping of company logos.

Fans can rest assured that support and development of the game will stay intact, at least for the time being.

Read the release from Cryptic below.

We’re happy to report that Cryptic Studios is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Perfect World Entertainment. These are exciting times for Cryptic! As we integrate more completely with Perfect World, our companies will come together to deliver quality MMO experiences.

As part of our separation from Atari and integration into Perfect World, we must make a variety of changes to our products, websites and services. Most of the more immediate changes players will see are cosmetic or are back-end modifications, but there are areas that you should be aware of. For example, we’re swapping out logos, revising the Privacy Policy and changing Atari Tokens to Cryptic Points.

Naturally, you have questions and we’d like to answer them as best we can. So, please check out our FAQ and our Q&A Discussion Thread linked below to learn more about what this transition means for you.

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