Three New Seven of Nine Prints from Mondo On-Sale Friday

Tomorrow, Mondo is scheduled to add three new limited edition prints to their ever-growing Star Trek series. All three will feature Jeri Ryan’s Star Trek: Voyager character, Seven of Nine.

Designed by artist Craig Drake, the three prints feature Seven of Nine in two incarnations. The first (pictured right), “The Gift,” features Seven in her Starfleet catsuit after being separated from the Borg Collective.

The second, “Scorpion Part II,” depicts her with partial Borg elements.

The third (pictured below), features both versions of Seven facing each other.

“The Gift” and “Scorpion Part II” will be limited to 130 prints and will be available as a set for $85.00. The poster featuring both Sevens will be limited to 145 prints and will sell for $65.00.

All prints measure 24″ x 36″.

As usual with the limited edition Mondo prints, a sell out of all three is expected in a matter of minutes. An announcement of the sale will be made through Twitter at a random time on Friday. You can follow at Mondo on Twitter at @MondoNews.

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