Composer Michael Giacchino to Return for Star Trek Sequel

Academy Award winner and Star Trek (2009) composer, Michael Giacchino recently confirmed he will return for the film’s upcoming sequel.

“Yes, I’ll be back,” Giacchino told at a Super 8 home video release event. “I’ll be there just as soon as they finish it.” he added.

Giacchino will also provide the score for another Abrams project, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which is set to hit theaters in December.

“Right now I’m not looking at anything,” he joked. “I’m just going to go into my closet and shut the door for months.”

The currently untitled Star Trek sequel is scheduled to be released on May 17, 2013.

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Michael Giacchino and JJ Abrams
Abrams and Giacchino (photo:


Photo credit: AP

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