William Shatner Responds to George Takei’s Call for Peace [Video]

The ongoing video battle continues, as William Shatner reponds to his former co-star George Takei’s call for interstellar peace between Star Trek and Star Wars fans.

Last November, Shatner posted a video on Youtube poking fun at and discussing his thoughts on Star Trek vesus Star Wars. That video prompted Carrie Fisher to respond in her own comical way.

After a few verbal elbows had been thrown between the two, Shatner’s former co-star and recent addition to the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice, George Takei to interject. Takei called for peace between the two franchises and asked them to direct their sights toward a “common enemy” — the recent Twilight Series.

In today’s video, Shatner responds to Takei, saying that this battle “cannot be resolved in a matter of words,”

“Retribution must be paid, George. I need retribution.” said Shatner.

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