WATCH: Tips On Surviving Your Next Star Trek Convention with the Trekkie Girls

English video bloggers and major Star Trek fans, the Trekkie Girls, have released a new multi-part episode in which they discuss tips, ticks, and hints on how to get the most out of your next Star Trek convention experience — including when and when not to wear spandex.

While the Trekkie Girls, Sam and Carole, focus on the upcoming Destination Star Trek London convention, their tips on which tickets to purchase and what you should wear can be utilized for almost any convention outing.

Official episode description:

You spoke, we listened. You want to hear about Cosplaying so here is everything we know. British sci-fi fans are no longer the reserved stereotype. Once we put on our com badge and ridges we become as overt as a Dabo Girl on the Venus drug.

When it comes to picking what you want to wear. Decide now. Don’t leave it until two weeks before to decide that you want to dress up as some sort of Nausicaan/vedek hybrid. Dressing up needs planning, planning, planning.

Watch the episodes below.

Part 1

Part 2

Photos of the Trill sports discussed in the episode:

Trekkie Girls Trill Spots

Trekkie Girls Trill Spots

For more episodes, visit the Trekkie Girls website. You can also follow them on Twitter at @trekkiegirls.

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