[PREVIEW] La-La Land’s 4-Disc ‘Deep Space Nine’ Soundtrack Collection

Following the successful release of Star Trek: The Original Series – The Complete Soundtrack last year, La-La Land Records is set to release Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Soundtrack Collection on February 12th. Celebrating DS9’s 20th anniversary this year, the 4-disc set will be priced at $49.98 and will be available through La-La Land’s website.

Check out the cover art for the set below.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Soundtrack Collection cover art
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Soundtrack Collection cover art

The folks over at Trekcore provided us with a breakdown of the composers and episodes featured on each disc.

  • Disc One features music by Dennis McCarthy including cues from episodes such as “Duet”, “The Circle”, “The Die is Cast”, “Far Beyond the Stars” and many more.
  • Disc Two features music by Jay Chattaway with cues from episodes including “The Search”, “Call to Arms”, “The Changing Face of Evil” and many more.
  • Disc Three features the huge array of guest composers who worked on Deep Space Nine, titled “New Recruits” and showcases the works of John Debney, Richard Bellis, David Bell, Gregory Smith and Paul Baillargeon.
  • Disc Four sports the intriguing title of “The Lost Album” and puts the spotlight on three episodes with a fuller selection of cues from these episodes. All will be revealed soon, but I will tell you that the first episode on the disc is “Our Man Bashir”!

via Trekcore

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