Get Off My Bridge! Wesley Crusher Uniform Hoodie Now Available

Getting kicked off Captain Picard’s bridge can be demoralizing. With the winter months ahead of us, it can be downright cold.

That’s where ThinkGeek comes in — with the release of their new Star Trek The Next Generation Wesley Crusher uniform hoodie to keep you warm.

Available in sizes small through XXL, the hoodie features the horizontal 3-stripe pattern which mimics Crusher’s uniform shoulder design in multiple episodes of TNG.

Check it out below.

Wesley Crusher hoodie from ThinkGeek

Wesley Crusher hoodie from ThinkGeek

That’s right. Everybody’s “favorite” Boy Genius had a rather distinctive uniform that was missing from our original set, but we’ve been working to remedy that oversight. Light grey below, with dark grey on the shoulders and a black hood lining, this hoodie features the familiar three-horizontal-stripe design across the shoulders, with the green coming up and overlapping the red on the left shoulder just as in the original. Put this hoodie on and suddenly you, too, can have the solution to every problem, or at least feel like it.

The hoodie is priced at $59.99 and available on ThinkGeek‘s website.

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