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Justin Lin To Direct STAR TREK 3

Justin Lin To Direct STAR TREK 3

After weeks of speculation, Justin Lin has been chosen to direct Star Trek 3. Lin, who’s credits include several Fast and the Furious films, will take over Trek 3 following the departure of Roberto Orci from the director’s chair.

While other directors were possibilities for the gig, Deadline is reporting that Lin was the only one who’d actually been offered the film. Due in part by the opening in his schedule, following the Bourne Legacy sequel being pushed back.

As we’ve previously reported, Orci remains a producer on the third Star Trek film in the rebooted franchise.

The first of the series grossed $380 million worldwide in 2009, with the sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness, toppling that amount with more than $460 million worldwide. In comparison, the four Fast and the Furious films helmed by Lin have grossed a total of $1.9 billion worldwide.

Paramount still hopes to release the film sometime in 2016, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of The Original Series.

Stay tuned to for the latest news related to the next Star Trek film.

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  1. I am not Herbert

    December 23, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    good luck Mr. Lin? (you will need A LOT of it…)(and/or a lot of money…) =P

  2. madppiper

    December 24, 2014 at 9:15 am

    Gotta love paramount for ruining a beloved franchise. I have nothing against Justin Lin, but in all seriousness, why can’t somebody take over who really gets what trek is about? Not only have we been “blessed” by JJ, who keeps getting a paycheck for so obviously not caring about any of this, but I just cannot get invested into any of these action flicks.

    I fear that with a release date set to 2016 the already paperthin scripts are going to be reduced to a mere post-it note now, which kinda works with having hired an action director. When will they learn that star trek is not an action franchise, but based in science & fiction?! Please, why can’t paramount just get other people involved, period?!

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