Shatner Says He Was Approached To Play Kirk On TNG & More During Twitter Q&A

To promote his new documentary Chaos On the Bridge, William Shatner answered questions via his Twitter account on Tuesday. During the one-hour #askShatner session, the 84-year-old actor answered a myriad of questions related to his latest documentary film.

Some highlights included Shatner calling Patrick Stewart “perfect” for the role of Captain Picard, his reason for not reprising the role of Kirk on TNG, and how he views Star Trek creator differently after making the documentary. We’ve embedded some of the most interesting tidbits below.

Chaos On the Bridge premiered in the US in July on Vimeo On Demand.

In addition to Vimeo, the one-hour film is now available on iTunes, Youtube, Google Play, Microsoft, and Playstation Video.

You can follow William Shatner on Twitter at @WilliamShatner.

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