[#STLV] William Shatner Talks Desire to Be Part of Kelvin Timeline, Nimoy, Kirk’s Death

Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner appeared on stage in front of a sold-out Las Vegas Star Trek Convention audience on Saturday. During his hour-plus appearance, Shatner discussed a myriad of topics, including the passing of Leonard Nimoy, Ricardo Montalbaun, Kirkls death in Generations and not being asked to be part of Star Trek Beyond.

Shatner talked about his upcoming documentary The Truth Is In The Stars, saying “in a couple weeks, I’m going to speak to Dr. Stephen Hawking.”

William Shatner at the 2016 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention
William Shatner at the 2016 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention (photo: Laurie Lee/TrekNews.net)

Discussing his friend and Star Trek co-star Leonard Nimoy, Shatner said “When I’m asked what I remember most of Leonard is the laughter. He was so funny.”

Captain Kirk was killed by Soran in 1994’s Star Trek: Generations. Shatner talked about the death of the iconic character.

“Although I wanted this big death… shot in the back is not the way you want your hero to go.”

Captain Kirk's death scene from Star Trek: Generations
Captain Kirk’s death scene from Star Trek: Generations (photo: Paramount Pictures)

Discussing his Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan co-star and the man who arguably played Kirk’s most formidable nemesis, Ricardo Montalbaun, Shatner said “He was this wonderful, wonderful man… a class act.”

When asked what his plan is for the next fifty years, Shatner said “A moment doesn’t pass… when I think about how extraordinarily lucky I am and I’ve been. I’ve had my share of grief and pain but at this moment in time I’m filled with love. I’ve given a lot of love. I’m giving a lot of love.”

“I have the juices of a young man.” Shatner remarked.

On the topic of the Kelvin Timeline films, Shatner said he hasn’t been asked to be part of them.

“No one has asked me to be in the [Kelvin Timeline] movies, and I’m severely hurt.”

When the idea of appearing in the new CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery, Shatner said “How would you do that? I couldn’t do that.”

Creation’s Adam Malin, who was hosting the discussion remarked “If anyone can figure that out, it’s Bryan Fuller.”

Addressing the largest crowd to ever attend the annual Las Vegas convention, Shatner said “6,000 people [at the convention] after 50 years is a phenomenon. Thank you for coming.”

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