Star Trek TOS Bikinis Arrive In Time For Your Own ‘Shore Leave’ This Summer

Star Trek: TOS Bikinis

Getting ready for your own personal shore leave, or maybe a Star Trek convention this summer? Well, just in time for the warmer weather, ThinkGeek has released a new line of Star Trek: The Original Series bikinis that they’re calling “Trekinis”.

Officially licensed, the new retro two-piece 60s-style sets are inspired by the classic Star Trek uniforms and are available in three colors: Command yellow, Science blue and Engineering red. The tops and bottoms are available separately. So those of you who like to live on the edge can mix and match Science blu top with a Command yellow bottom. With sizes ranging from Small to 4XL, each piece is priced at around $30 — essentially $60 per set.

The asymmetrical top with black inset mimics the TOS uniforms and are constructed of a blend of polyester and spandex.

Star Trek TOS bikinis from ThinkGeek
Star Trek TOS bikinis from ThinkGeek

Official Description:

Inspired by the uniform from the classic series, the pieces of this retro bikini are available separately for a perfect fit. Choose your division, select each size, and open those hailing frequencies to other Star Trek: The Original Series fans.

Star Trek: TNG Swimsuits

Additionally, the Next Generation-themed one-piece swimsuits, released last year have been improved and updated for 2017.

Star Trek TNG swimsuits from ThinkGeek
Star Trek TNG swimsuits from ThinkGeek

For more information, visit ThinkGeek.

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