WATCH: Rainn Wilson Has A Theory About Harry Mudd

Rainn Wilson, who plays Harry Mudd on Star Trek: Discovery was a guest on this week’s episode of After Trek. Following the latest episode “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad,” Wilson discussed his theory about how Mudd escaped the Klingon prison ship with host Matt Mira and guests Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz via Skype.

They’ve got cameras in the Klingon prison ship — so they saw everything that went on… and they came to me (Mudd) and they realized ‘Hey, this guy is pretty crafty but he’s kind of useless to us sitting in this prison on some trumped up charge of owing money, or something like that… he’s much more valuable to us going after Lorca.

They sprung him free. They brought the idea ‘We’ll let you out and you can track down Lorca’ and I think they set him up…

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