[GALLERY] Step Inside the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour

TrekNews.net recently visited the Star Trek: Original Series Set Tour exhibit located in upstate New York, during the weekend of Trekonderoga.

Led by Star Trek superfan and fan film creator James Cawley, the team behind the tour has tirelessly recreated the Stage 9 U.S.S. Enterprise “Desilu” set that the Original Series was shot on during its 1966–1969 television run. Utilizing original blueprints, hundreds of hours of research and thousands of photographs, they have recreated an immersive experience that allows fans to surround themselves in the spaces that so many of us have only been able to travel to in our imaginations.

In addition to the iconic bridge of the Enterprise, the tour also includes Captain Kirk’s quarters, McCoy’s office, the engineering, sickbay, transporter room, science lab,  and briefing room sets.

Check out the photo gallery below.

Star Trek Original Series Set Tour Photo Gallery



Transporter Room

Kirk’s Quarters

McCoy’s Office

Science Lab



Briefing Room

Enterprise Bridge


If you’re ever in the Ticonderoga-area, we would highly recommend you take the time to visit. The tour is open Tuesday–Saturday 10 am–5 pm and Sundays 11 am–5 pm. They will be hosting William Shatner in November for “Treksgiving,” and, of course, the annual Trekonderoga event returns next August. 

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