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Star Trek: Discovery – The Book Of Grudge Review: Disco’s Queen Gets Her Own Profile

Star Trek: Discovery - The Book Of Grudge Review: Disco's Queen Gets Her Own Profile

Review: Star Trek: Discovery – The Book of Grudge

Hero Collector continues to be one of the most creative licensing partners that Star Trek and ViacomCBS have. It’s astonishing that in spite of over a decade of their partnership the company finds inventive ways to create collectibles and literature in the realm of Star Trek— making every product feel new and worthy of adding to our ever-expanding collections. The publisher continues that trend with their latest offering: Star Trek Discovery: The Book Of Grudge.

Consider this correspondent’s cat curiosity piqued!

Admittedly, I’m not much of a cat person (sorry Grudge) but I interact with enough cat people to know they have more or less a similar idea of what cats are like. Cats seem to tolerate humans more than they like them. They basically own everything they see, and their time is much too important for the world’s trivialities. Author Robb Pearlman, the only person deemed deserving of Grudge’s time by the feline legend herself to be her interviewer, reaffirms that Grudge’s qualities are not unlike her ancestors who lord over our households today. It reads like a profile piece in which you can learn about Grudge’s thoughts on her immediate surroundings like her ship, her crewmembers, her human, and larger subjects like space travel and time. The answers are no longer than two or three sentences because her time is far too precious for long-winded essays. Readers are expected to gleam her thoughts from those few words while being awestruck by her breathtaking self captured in photos that accompany the answer.

Grudge On Starfleet

Apart from photos of her and other members of the U.S.S. Discovery crew, there are illustrations by Walter Newton of Grudge in amusing poses accompanied by her own haiku poetry. It’s nice to know that Grudge doesn’t take herself too seriously and is not above being the butt of a joke to make us laugh. Just have treats ready for her though, she has definitely earned them.

The Book Of Grudge is a hardcover and measures roughly 7″x7″. It’s a light read that you can open and close with one hand, which obviously means you’re meant to read it while petting the animal of your choice. It’s nearly a hundred pages of Grudge goodness full of and she was even generous enough to spare a page or two for the credits of the book. The book is great catnip for the cat people in your life. Once you show them Grudge’s stills and her poetry, how can a cat lover, even the non-Star Trek fan, resist her charms?

Grudge’s poetry

I went into The Book of Grudge as a cat tolerator. All it took was a couple of her clever answers, a picture of her in the Captain’s chair, and one of her haikus to compel me to put the book down with Grudge in my heart. I’m going to cherish this book and cannot wait to meet Grudge in person so I can get her paw-tograph.

Now, how do we get Eaglemoss and Hero Collector to do a similar interview with Picard’s furry best friend Number One?

Grudge on humans

Star Trek Discovery: The Book of Grudge is now available on Amazon.

Stay tuned to for all the news on Star Trek merchandise releases, along with the latest details on Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek: Prodigy, and more.

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An immigrant from India living in the Deep South, Shashank takes breaks in between dreaming about life on a starship to write comic books, co-host PoliTreks and role-play Captain Varun Rai on Faraday. You can follow Shashank on Twitter @gutter_hero.

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